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martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Reef the Lost Cauze - Invisible Empire (2003)

Discazo de RTLC...
pronto mas discos de el...

01- Intro (in the Caddy)
02- This is My Life
03- Gladiator
04- Follow the Drum (Feat Annette Koleda)
05- Deadly Combo
06- The Puzzle
07- Calm Your Mind
08- Spanish Geetar
09- Give Up His Name (Feat Diverse)
10- Monday (Fuck this Job Ft Annette Koleda)
11- Oxygen (Breathe)
12- I Can't Begin
13- Bananas
14- No One But You
15- So Gangsta (Old Skool Anthem)
16- The Cauze
17- Angels Sing
18- Outro (in the Caddy)


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