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martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Outerspace - My Brothers Keeper (2011)

01. My Brother’s Keeper
02. Mossberg Solution (Feat. Vinnie Paz)
03. Cold Day In Hell

04. Demonic Prophecies (Feat. Ill Bill) Ill Bill
05. Behead The Kings
06. Slap ‘em Up (Feat. Doap Nixon) Doap Nixon
07. Get Ridiculous (Feat. Apathy) Apathy

08. Written In Blood
09. Bodega Gospel (Feat. Blacastan & Esoteric) Blacastan
10. World Of Fear
11. Lost Angels (Feat. Sick Jacken)
12. Clear Out (Feat. King Syze & V-Zilla) King Syze
13. Heaven


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